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The Sin Paradox

In The Sin Paradox, author D. B. Evans shares his revelatory answers to a number of important questions he asked to God—who late one night answered him in a whispered word. What did Adam and Eve do? What kind of fruit did they eat? Why did Satan take the form of a serpent? Why did Satan do it? Why did Jesus have to die? Why did he have to die the way he did? Why did the last days of Jesus’s life play out the way they did? How does the sinful act of Adam and Eve permeate all of subsequent human existence and actions, such as wars, debt, greed, and all the other sins humankind experiences? Could the sin committed in Eden still be happening today? "The Sin Paradox" stands as a timeless warning to our society.

What if all these questions could be answered within a common biblical thread? The Sin Paradox provides a case against Adam, Eve, and the Serpent—not of guilt or innocence of those involved, but of whether the evidence points to the actual crime they committed.

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